The Most Awesome TVs on the Market

Vizio M-Series 2016


Best mid-estimated picture for the cash


You can look for another tv that has such a vivid picture for this same price or cheaper but you will not find it. The value of this TV is definitely very high and the performance rating is actually outstanding. When you receive the tablet with it that just makes it all the more worth it.


Vizio P-Series 2016


For a little bit more cash you can receive a better quality picture.


This television has a much more high-end quality picture than the Vizio M series and it actually is worth it to purchase it instead of other TVs that are supposed to be higher up. The P series is really for people who do not care about the brands and are not able to invest in an OLED TV.


LG OLEDB6P series


Outstanding Picture, When money’s no object.


LG’s 2016 OLED Tv’s are way above and beyond Tv’s that actually have LED or LCD technology. These also have the top of the line make and best graphics that have been tested so far. You will have to pay a pretty penny for this, though.


LG 55EG9100


Television for less than 4k with a bigger 55-inch picture and great quality


This tv has a curve and is very high in resolution starting at 1080. The tv is only one size right now there is the cheap LG OLED tv and it actually has a great quality graphic display.


Vizio E-series (2015)


Affordable tv and great graphic.


This tv will take the cake above all other TVs that are in an expense range for people. This does not have all the perks that others do but is one of the best on the market.


TCL S3800 series (Roku TV system)


Smart tv with a great system


This is one of the preferred TVs when using apps such as Netflix and gets better with all the other qualities. The graphics on this tv are not outstanding but is decent enough for its budget range.


LG OLEDE6P series


If you can afford it this TV is the best out there.


This has the same graphics basically as the B6 OLED Tv , but the one that is higher priced which is the E6 is really for people who prefer stylish TVs.A sound bar is also included and it is 3D but you would need to have 1000 extra sitting in the bank.


Sony XBR-X930D series


Don’t want Vizio this LCD is great


There may be something you would like if you loathe the Vizio name and if you are not ready to buy an OLED TV. This TV is super sleek and has such amazing quality but you have to be able to afford the purchase.


Samsung UNKS8000 series


Very fitting TV for a lighted room


The picture on this TV is vividly bright and does not have shadows or reflections show on it. The way this tv operates is not the best when lights are off.


TCL US5800 series (Roku TV, 2016)


4k resolution tv and best smart TV on the market


This tv will give you so many Smart TV benefits and it is very reasonably priced. The performance of this tv as far as the picture is not any better than its non 4k cousin. Basically, this is not the best band for your buck.