The Best Shower Heads for an Amazing Shower

Nothing beats a rejuvenating and relaxing shower. Many factors constitute a great shower. A shower head is one of the major ones. A great shower head is one of the keys to a great shower. So what defines the perfect shower head? The perfect one ought to have the correct amount of water pressure. Additionally, it must also have the correct shower spray area. Simply put, it must have the features and design that suit your preferences.


Today’s shower heads bring with them different settings that enable you to enjoy both rain and massage shower. Other sets feature a hand shower with breathtaking designs to match any kind of bathroom. Different companies sell a myriad of shower heads with an array of functionalities and features. All you should do is search and find one that matches your needs.


Before looking at the best shower heads for an amazing shower, let us first look at how to settle for the best shower heads for an amazing shower:


How to Settle For the Best Shower Head


When it comes to choosing the right shower head, different options exist. It is prudent to take your time when in the market for one. Doing so will make sure that you land nothing short of the best one. The ideal shower must be able to provide you with an effortless and comfortable sufficient flow. To be on the safe side, you need to consider a number of factors. Here are some of them:


  • Type – You can select from the different types available. Some of the common types are novelty, handheld, wall-mounted, rain shower, LED, Bluetooth shower heads etc.


  • Price – Always work with a budget. Never be tempted to settle for one that exceeds your budget. Balance quality with your budget.


  • Quality – Quality is the most important consideration. For this reason, always opt for a great brand. Read as many online reviews as possible to help you make an informed choice.


  • Durability – Your prospective shower head must be durable. Focus on one that gives you longevity.


  • Design – You want your bathroom to look stylish. Therefore, get a shower head that boasts a good design. By doing some research, you’ll surely get to know the latest designs in the market.


The Best Shower Heads for an Amazing Shower


#1. Speakman S-2005-HB Shower Head

Speakman S-2005-HB Shower Head

This shower head features a polished chrome. The easily recognizable finish coordinates perfectly with almost every décor or style. From contemporary to vintage and from traditional to modern, there is no doubt that polished chrome is the true definition of complimentary. The shower head brings with it the impressive and patented Anystream 360 degrees technology. It is constructed with the lightweight Speakman engineered plastic. The head boasts self-cleaning nozzles that offer nothing short of a consistent powerful spray performance regardless of the water pressure.


#2. Waterpik AST 233C Aquascape Shower Head

Waterpik AST 233C Aquascape Shower Head

The oval shape design of this shower head guarantees an extra ordinary level of functionality. You can easily install it without the need of tools. It offers you the choice of total body coverage as well as a focused power spray that you can select mid shower. How eco-friendly the head is surely beats all others hands down. It has the ability to save you over $45 every year in terms of utility costs. The shower head conserves roughly half-gallon of water every minute devoid of sacrificing all the power needed for an invigorating downpour. Use it today and discover its magic.


#3. Kohler K-9245-CP Shower Head

Kohler K-9245-CP Shower Head

This shower head is surely not to be upstaged. It features a spray face that boasts 60 angled nozzles which deliver nothing short of the full, enveloping spray you have always looked forward to. It is available in an impressive water-saving 2.5 gpm or 2.0 gpm spray. It certainly allows you to save water substantially without the need of sacrificing performance. The showerhead’s silicone sprayface usually makes it effortless to wipe away any mineral buildup. It boasts a wireless speaker that comes in 4 lively colors, which you can effortlessly share, pair or even take with you while on the go. Have every member of your family pair his or her personal playlist to the speaker in their preferred color. Choose from the variety of colors available such as original white, cherry red, retro blue, chartreuse, or navy blue.


#4. Culligan WSH-C125 Shower Head

Culligan WSH-C125 Shower Head

This highly impressive shower head boasts the ability to effectively reduce the odor and taste of chlorine in your water. It features a highly powerful filtration system that efficiently reduces water chemicals thus enabling you enjoy a smoother and softer also brings with it an anti-clog rubber spray nozzle together with a sleek chrome finish. Choose from the available 5 spray settings. The different spray settings are tailored to perfectly suit your moods. Installing the showerhead is effortless. It should take less than a few minutes.


#5. BSB Homeware Luxury LED Shower Head

BSB Homeware Luxury LED Shower Head

Use this exception handheld showerhead to light up your shower. All you need to do is turn down the lights and the magical showerhead will take you places. It features awesome color changing head that you can fit in minutes. Enjoy up to 12 powerful LEDs that offer a magnificent rainbow effect for a highly magical showering experience. What is more is that the shower head has a durable chrome finish on its tough ABS shell. It works with an array of water pressures from 14 psi – 87 psi. it effortlessly supports a legal maximum flow rate of 2.5 gpm.




An excellent shower head is one of the things that have a huge influence on your shower experience. You must choose the best shower head to ensure that you enjoy the most invigorating and relaxing shower. Since everyone has different needs and preferences, a particular type of shower maybe less or more perfect for you. When in the market for the best shower heads for an amazing shower, choose from any of the above mentioned shower heads. View this not just because you wish to see tips for better hygiene  — it’s the best site for anyone who wants to upgrade their showers, or do some bathroom renovations, or at least learn about the different shower types

The Most Awesome TVs on the Market

Vizio M-Series 2016

Vizio M-Series 2016

Best mid-estimated picture for the cash


You can look for another tv that has such a vivid picture for this same price or cheaper but you will not find it. The value of this TV is definitely very high and the performance rating is actually outstanding. When you receive the tablet with it that just makes it all the more worth it.


Vizio P-Series 2016


For a little bit more cash you can receive a better quality picture.


This television has a much more high-end quality picture than the Vizio M series and it actually is worth it to purchase it instead of other TVs that are supposed to be higher up. The P series is really for people who do not care about the brands and are not able to invest in an OLED TV.


LG OLEDB6P series

LG OLEDB6P series

Outstanding Picture, When money’s no object.


LG’s 2016 OLED Tv’s are way above and beyond Tv’s that actually have LED or LCD technology. These also have the top of the line make and best graphics that have been tested so far. You will have to pay a pretty penny for this, though.


LG 55EG9100


Television for less than 4k with a bigger 55-inch picture and great quality


This tv has a curve and is very high in resolution starting at 1080. The tv is only one size right now there is the cheap LG OLED tv and it actually has a great quality graphic display.


Vizio E-series (2015)


Affordable tv and great graphic.


This tv will take the cake above all other TVs that are in an expense range for people. This does not have all the perks that others do but is one of the best on the market.


TCL S3800 series (Roku TV system)

TCL S3800 series

Smart tv with a great system


This is one of the preferred TVs when using apps such as Netflix and gets better with all the other qualities. The graphics on this tv are not outstanding but is decent enough for its budget range.


LG OLEDE6P series


If you can afford it this TV is the best out there.


This has the same graphics basically as the B6 OLED Tv , but the one that is higher priced which is the E6 is really for people who prefer stylish TVs.A sound bar is also included and it is 3D but you would need to have 1000 extra sitting in the bank.


Sony XBR-X930D series


Don’t want Vizio this LCD is great


There may be something you would like if you loathe the Vizio name and if you are not ready to buy an OLED TV. This TV is super sleek and has such amazing quality but you have to be able to afford the purchase.


Samsung UNKS8000 series

Samsung UNKS8000 series

Very fitting TV for a lighted room


The picture on this TV is vividly bright and does not have shadows or reflections show on it. The way this tv operates is not the best when lights are off.


TCL US5800 series (Roku TV, 2016)


4k resolution tv and best smart TV on the market


This tv will give you so many Smart TV benefits and it is very reasonably priced. The performance of this tv as far as the picture is not any better than its non 4k cousin. Basically, this is not the best band for your buck.