TV Show Conspiracy Theories You Need to Hear


Zack Morris

On the TV Show Good Morning, Miss Bliss, the Protagonist, Zack Morris was, really a dork. Not one girl was attracted to this man. Classmates made fun of him constantly and Miss Bliss was always catching him in the act! When Zack jumped in the hit show Saved by the Bell, he was transformed from a manticore to the coolest guy around! Because of this switch, fans tend to think that Zack made up his life from a dream in California, making up the world in which girls were attracted, friends idolized him and he also got away with everything he did.


According to those that follow this theory of course, Saved by the Bell’s theme song actually portrays Zack’s fantasy world quite well. The lyrics actually describe his life (“By the time I grab my books and I give myself a look, I’m at the corner just in time to see the bus fly by”), meaning he’ll be ok once he’s saved by the bell – or when he drones into this fantasy world.




Outrageously among beliefs of the show, some fans ACTUALLY believe that the Muppet, Count Von Count is a vampire who sucks the blood of the children he preys upon the Sesame Street. The vampire, who is obsessed by numbers, lures little children into his dark, gloomy lair under the mischievous method of teaching them Mathematics. (According to one theory, the Count is the reason behind the constant rotation of younger children.) Apparently, Adults are also behind the Counts Movements of replacing the children as well! In the decades that this vampire has been on the show, no one has even attempted to stop him at his evil-doing.




Fans of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air are believing a farce about the tv show. They are convinced that Will was dead for the entire sixth season based off of the shows opening credits. The taxi cab driver is believed to be God delivering the King to his kingdom, the Banks Mansion. Will was originally driven off by his mother when he got in that little fight. Which started his whole escapade to the Banks Mansion.



Toby Flenderson

On the show the office the last part of the show that has aired nine seasons had one person they paid attention to a little more than normal. Toby Flenderson was so overwhelmed and addicted with a serial killer around who people referred to as the Scranton Strangler. He was indeed someone who was a local resident. When season six aired the word of the Scranton Strangler came to light. Police searched for him for what seemed like forever and finally when they aired season seven Scranton Strangler was involved with cops staking out and shooting.


When Toby was picked to be one of the few jurors on the team for the trial of the Scranton Strangler he then became obsessed further. They then found out later in the season the real name behind the face of the Scranton Strangler which was George Howard Skub. Toby and the others on his team in the jury corner had to actually send the Scranton Strangler to his death.


When Toby realized he may have sent the wrong person to jail and sentenced them to death that he is deeply saddened that it could be the wrong person. When Toby felt so badly about this he decided to visit him in prison and when he was face to face with the Strangler the Strangler reached out and actually attempted to kill Toby by strangling him on site.


A lot of rumors have been surfacing presuming that since Toby has felt so upset about this whole ordeal with the strangler that Toby may indeed be the strangler for having all this sympathy. When they are finally hitting this part in the show they realize Toby does not really have anyone to lose or anything to gain.


Toby already had a marriage that was cut off, and a daughter who he never has any time with, and his work is on the rocks, and when he tries to finally have a new life and fresh start he can not seem to get it to go positively or have it look up for him at all. Until Toby actually comes back to Pennsylvania there was no words spoke about this “Scranton Strangler.” They feel like the only reason Skub was so upset and tried to strangle Toby is because he knows that Toby has actually intentionally framed him.

Behind the Scenes Secrets of “Survivor”

The hit show “Survivor” has remained so from such a successful production crew. Literally hundreds of people make up the crew used to produce what is seen on the screen. Here are seven behind the scene facts you may find shocking.


The producers choose and purchase the cast’s clothing.

Survivor San Juan Del Sur

How is it that the two tribes on “Survivor San Juan Del Sur” wore clothes that matched their tribe colors? Is it a coincidence? Not hardly. Survivor rulebook states that clothing brought to location must be pre-approved even though this is not how it works. It is designed by producers to put clothing on cast members to easily portray the roles they were hired to fill. Some of the clothes the cast members wear on screen, they may not even wear normally.


The aerial footage shot is not actually of the Survivors


The challenges are often shown from helicopter view but, there is no helicopter in sight from the ground cameras. The reason being is the aerial view is actually shot days later. The stand ins from the Dream Team are used who are the ones who actually test the challenges. They wear similar clothing to look like the contestants. This was revealed on “Survivor The Australian Outback”, a fact easily to be forgotten as it only is meant to represent how the challenge looks. The ground cameras record the actual challenge done by contestants.


The cast does not walk between camps and challenges


The contestants may look like they are leaving on foot. They are actually picked up by a van with blacked out windows or a boat depending on location. The amount of terrain they cover is so large walking is not a possibility. There are several miles between locations.


The cast examines the challenges before recording

Survivor Challenge

Both teams of contestants walk through the challenges asking any questions they have to challenge producer John Kirhoffer and Jeff Probst. They are joined by someone from CBS’s standards and practices, to make sure the challenge is fair. The challenge is only aired when its been tested and looks its best on camera.


The space is limited to tribes


The two tribes are able to walk around and explore the area around their camps or beaches. They do have a stopping point though, production needs an area for storing equipment used, cooking and eating, and resting in cots. Sometimes the tribes can be just down the river from each other just like “Survivor Tocantins”.


Family members of contestants have to sign releases
The immediate family members of “Survivor” contestants must sign a contract limiting what can be said about the show. They also have to sign a contract about appearance and liability.